Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Project

So what is Godhead Aquila, exactly? Godhead Aquila is a passion project born of nearly 20 years of love for Warhammer 40,000.

My name is Sam Nolton, I’m a game designer, hobbyist, gamer and writer. Despite over 30 rejected applications to Games Workshop, I still hope to work for the company some day, translating my love of the world they’ve created into a career in writing or design - but until that day comes, I will still embrace my passion for the 41st millennium in the ways that speak to me most.

As-Yet Unnamed Knight-Seneschal who will
 be joining the crew of Godhead Aquila in their journey.
This blog, named for the eponymous Warlord-Class Titan mentioned in the past two posts, will be chronicling the journey from end to beginning (yes, you heard that right) of the crew behind the god-machine, starting with an Inq28 warband (or a kill team for the upcoming Shadow War: Armageddon game) after their titan is felled during the 3rd War for Armageddon. Made up of the surviving crewmen including Princeps Absalom Kite, Tech-Priest Bastonne Sol, and the Moderatii crewmen, as well as allied men and women in service of the Emperor, this ragtag group is nonetheless determined to complete their holy mission.

Further on down the line, sometime later this year, I will be exploring the Titan Legio associated - the Legio Invigilata or “Emperor’s Guard” - first for the upcoming game Adeptus Titanicus and later as a full 40k-scale Titan battlegroup.

Occasionally one-off projects like this mutant overlord may make it onto this blog
As the story grows and expands, and the characters are explored, I will show my progress on this blog with conversions, paint schemes, and character profiles. This will also be supplemented with narrative snippets - short stories and the like to explore the narrative from the Godhead Aquila’s forging to its eventual fall on Armageddon.

Every now and again I’ll also be displaying other side-projects and sharing my thoughts on the hobby, painting, and converting miniatures.


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    1. Plenty more to come, I’ve got a story segment queued up and several miniatures coming in the post!