Friday, March 31, 2017

Godhead Aquila

Godhead Aquila
Mars-Pattern Warlord Titan
Legio Invigilata - “The Emperor’s Guard”

Primary Armament: Arm-Mounted Saturnyne Lascutter, Arm-Mounted Arioch Power Claw, Two Carapace-Mounted Twin-Linked Vulcan Mega-Bolters 

Princeps Majoris - Absalom Kite
Moderatii - Primaris Fairfax, Navigator Holloway, Sensorius Coburn, Oratorius Lindel 
Clades - Tech-Priest Bastonne Sol, 9 Mono-Task Servitors

Service Dates: 374.M31 - 999.M41 
Battlezone: Armageddon

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Vox Link Active

:Vox Link Active: 
:Initialize Uplink to Voss Prime Noosphere: 
:Ref/Collegia Titanica/999.M41/Armageddon:

*Transmission Begins* 

- Sounds of las fire, heavier ordnance, et al. - 

“ - no time for proper authorization codes, the servo-skulls will suffice!” *sounds of coughing, shuddering metal* “This is Bastonne Sol, Tech-Priest adjunct aboard Godhead Aquila, two-hundred and fifty-seventh rotation, Armageddon campaign. Situation untenable, greenskin presence over one hundred times approximated resistance, multiple Gargant-class weapons platforms. Repeat, multiple Gargant-class weapons platforms in the target vicinity. At least one Mega-Gargant on site. Request immediate reprisal!” 

-  Heavy impact, metallic sounds, gunfire - 

“ Confirm, two Imperial titan assets disabled. Requiem Nox, Revenant-class destroyed. Impetus, Warhound-class disabled, immobilized. Three Imperial Knights, Questoris-class, active in fire-zone - insufficient support.” 

- Another heavy impact, alarm klaxons, mangled vox static - 

“Titan down. Repeat, Titan down.” 

:Vox Link Terminated: 
:Initiate Recovery Protocols - Sanction Alpha:

Thought for the Day: Inhibition is absolution.